Our story

We're an independent, family-owned and operated market serving Palo Alto and the surrounding San Francisco Bay Area. We're on a mission to bring our community the best selection of foods they'll love.

Our family arrived in the US in 1990 as refugees from our native Bulgaria, looking for a new start and a better life. For many years, our father, Mustafa, worked three jobs to save money and to send us to college… all the while, dreaming that we would one day own and run our own family business.

That day came in 2009, when our family opened Crystal Springs Produce, a small neighborhood “mom and pop” produce shop in the San Mateo Hills. With our roots in agriculture and farming back in our homeland, we brought our love for fresh, quality food to this new venture. After recently having moved to San Mateo, we wanted to bring our neighborhood something it was lacking: fresh produce that hit the sweet spot of highest quality, best price and great selection. Our little market quickly became known not only for the quality and selection of its fruits and vegetables, but also for is international selection and personal service. Today, it attracts customers not just from the immediate neighborhood, but surrounding cities as well.

With our recent expansion to The Market at Edgewood in late 2017, our mission continues as we strive to bring what our customers have come to love to the Palo Alto and surrounding community as well.

To achieve this, we hand-select our fresh produce every day (our Dad still does the buying himself each day!), and bring a constantly growing, carefully selected array of groceries in every category, fresh meats, specialty cheeses from around the world and prepared meals. All with an emphasis on local, organic, and home-made, whenever possible. Customers in our new store are also coming to love our selection of imported goods from around the world.