Are you a cheese lover? We are looking for an experienced, full time cheese specialist in our family-owned food market in Palo Alto. 

What you'll do: Responsibilities

  • Create and maintain an amazing experience for each customer through the education and selling of cheeses and other specialty products.

  • Do product research, work with distributors and producers directly, and be responsible for the success of the cheese department.

  • Properly order, replenish, and merchandise cheese to maximize sales and revenue for the department.

  • Ensure orders for cheese are timely and accurate to monitor inventory turns.

  • Perform all functions related to breaking down deliveries, moving back stock to floor, and merchandising and stocking new products.

  • Organize and develop promotional displays to maximize sales;

  • Become well-versed in our selection of cheese and other specialty foods; Understand why our products are different than other stores and explain differences to customers.

  • Actively engage with our customers and spend quality time with each to educate them and to help them choose and discover cheeses.

  • Ensure a fresh and appealing display by keeping shelves and displays clean and well stocked by front-facing, checking codes, rotating, and removing out-of-date products.

  • Ensure that product offering meets different customer dietary needs.

  • Build displays according to movement, promotions, profitability and value

  • Sample department products to customers.

  • Oversee customer special orders.

  • Oversee and deliver on catering requests pertaining to the cheese department

  • Analyze and control product transfers, waste, and spoilage.

  • Maintain accurate department signage and pricing.

  • Work hands-on with top cheese and specialty foods producers and distributors.

  • Research, discover and introduce new products to grow our selection and drive increases in sales and customer satisfaction

  • Weigh, label and package products.

  • Other duties as needed


  • Comprehensive knowledge of cheese and specialty products in cutting, production, and taste

  • Familiarity and/or willingness to learn about products, nutritional information, and other relevant areas

  • Working knowledge and application of cheese merchandising, with focus on attention to detail

  • Ability to sell and educate customers proactively

  • Ability to perform physical requirements of a position that requires a lot of lifting, stacking of boxes and repetitive cutting of the cheeses

  • Ability to deliver information in a clear and respectable manner to fellow team members, customers, and vendors

  • Ability to educate team on product knowledge and convey enthusiasm

  • Strong demonstrated organizational and time management skills

  • Strong basic math skills

  • Strong work ethic and integrity; Accountability in recognizing and accomplishing all responsibilities

  • Use of tools and equipment, including box cutters, electric pallet jacks, and other heavy machinery

  • Ability to work a flexible schedule including nights, weekends, and holidays as needed

  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, with a sense of urgency

Who you are: Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • You’re a hard worker and passionate about food

  • At least 2 years of relevant industry experience